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Why Comprehensive?



Comprehensive is a long word to say when answering the phone and a long word to spell on a sign. So why was it made the flagship word of the practice? Identity

Comprehensive means several different things, but overall it describes the foundation of what this practice strives to be. It’s accounting for all the factors that affect oral health. Our goal is to reach or maintain stability for all of our patient’s oral health in comfort, function, and esthetics. The best way to do that is to ensure that everything that can influence comfort, function, or esthetics is known and analyzed. We are not fans of guesswork or hoping everything is ok.

That is why sometimes within the first few appointments we may take some more time. This is not so we can do extra work, unnecessary work or take time from anyone’s busy schedule, but so we can sleep well at night knowing our patients are getting the best possible oral health care. It is an amazing responsibility to be entrusted with the care of another human being, and being comprehensive is a way we take that very seriously.

Comprehensive with respect to treatment means using the best material and methods to know exactly where we are going and how to get there before ever beginning. For those who have had a lot of dental work, you know it can be difficult to arrive at a place that looks, acts and feels entirely comfortable. Dental work is incredibly detailed and it demands a comprehensive approach to ensure that it is done with the best outcome.

Comprehensive with respect to the patient experience means that we do everything we can to make being a patient here as easy, smooth and hassle free as possible. We will always be focused on the patient experience and providing a pleasant office environment.

Comprehensive and Cosmetic Dental Studio of Greenville is a general care office for the whole family. We are focused on prevention and stability for the entire family at an affordable price.