Services We Provide

Initial Comprehensive Exam

The foundation of our practice is the initial, new patient comprehensive exam and cleaning.  This is a co-discovery examination where we learn about your oral health together.  We will take x-rays, photographs and impressions.  Our team will also conduct bite and gum evaluations, along with joint and jaw muscle exams.  Helping you to be happy and health is our goal!

Outside of brushing and flossing, wear from clenching and grinding is a major determinant of unhealthy and unstable teeth.  Clenching and grinding are also a large cause of broken teeth and broken dental work, and can also cause headaches and muscle tightness. A bite guard is one way the force we put on our teeth can be mitigated. For those who show signs damage, appliance therapy can be a critical factor in determining who keeps their teeth and who does not.