Services We Provide

Initial Comprehensive Exam

The foundation of our practice is the initial, new patient comprehensive exam. This is a co-discovery examination where we learn about your oral health together.  Greenville Dental Studio will take x-rays, photographs and impressions.  Our team will conduct bite and gum evaluations, along with joint and jaw muscle exams.  The goal is to help you be happy and healthy.

Teeth Whitening can be a safe and effective cosmetic treatment, and we offer both in-office and take-home options.  Of course, in all basic dentistry aesthetics are a major part of our focus.  From simple bonding to closing the gap between teeth to more complex composite or porcelain veneers, we have advanced training.
Dr. Bullard would be happy to discuss your options.  He can also perform a mock-up to see how the outcome would look, prior to deciding on any treatment.

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Special Offer: New patients receive a free custom whitening kit