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Initial Comprehensive Exam

The foundation of our practice is the initial, new patient comprehensive exam and cleaning. This is a co-discovery examination where we learn about your oral health together. We will take x-rays, along with photographs and impressions, as needed. Our team will also conduct bite and gum evaluations, along with joint and jaw muscle exams. We want you to be happy and healthy.

One of the most important functions we provide is to use our instruments as a supplement to your brushing and flossing; to help deal with the effects of bacteria on your teeth and gums. Brushing and flossing only do so much. We appreciate the need for a gentle hand, and have multiple ways of making each of your cleanings comfortable. Our focus in on prevention, with the idea that the less work needed, the better.

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We use only the finest materials and proven methods to reach successful results in an environment of caring, compassion and service.

Shannon Shafer

Dr. Bullard and his staff are the BEST! They’re very professional, and they all make you feel welcome and at ease. If you are searching for a new dentist I highly recommend Dr. Bullard. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Leighann Obrien

I never thought I’d say ” it was relaxing going to the dentist.” The staff is so helpful. Clean, understanding and they do amazing work!

Leanna Lovell

Looking for a new dentist? I would highly recommended! I have been going to him since he was at Riverside Dental Care, and I followed him. Newest technology, relaxing atmosphere, and friendly staff! Dr. Bullard explained everything he was doing and has a gentle touch. Thank you for a great visit again and see you again soon to keep my teeth beautiful and healthy!

Brenda Tran

The staff is friendly. Great location. Dr. Bullard is wonderful and caring. I highly recommend Dr. Bullard.

Jessica Volt

A wonderful experience! The office is beautiful, modern, and welcoming. The staff is amazing and so helpful! Dr. Bullard is so welcoming and thoroughly explained every part of the procedure. He takes time to get to know you and your teeth. I’ve never had such a gentle, enjoyable dentist visit!

Robert Burnfield

The staff is very friendly and Dr. Bullard takes the time to explain everything he is doing. He often checks to make sure you are comfortable. The massage dental chair is a nice luxury!

John Reid

I have been going to Dr. Bullard for several years now and he is honestly the best dentist I have ever seen. He is very gentle and knowledgeable and takes his time with me when I am in to see him. If you are scared of the dentist, I would recommend giving Dr. Bullard a chance. He will put you at ease and be very gentle with you. I would also recommend him to people with children. He has a young child and knows how to be patient with them.

John Reid

Glad I made the change

Glad I made the change to Greenville Dental Studio. Very friendly and attentive. Has more of a personal touch instead of the usual in and out place, although being seen was a breeze and didn’t take long waiting. They also use good tasting cleaning products and have those little extras that other dentists don’t. They have a kids room next to the cleaning station as well. All of the staff is great and Andy the dentist and is awesome!

The staff is friendly. Great

The staff is friendly. Great location. Dr. Bullard is wonderful and caring. I highly recommend Dr. Bullard.

We finally found our former

We finally found our former dentist, Andy Bullard, in his new location. Had our first visit today. So comfortable, so professional, so calm and so nice to see Andy and Jackie again. We recommend them highly.

Dr. Bullard is so kind

Dr. Bullard is so kind and knowledgeable. He explains what is going on so you understand the process and makes sure you are always comfortable. Plus the exam room chairs give you a gentle massage the whole time! Highly recommend. The most enjoyable dentist visit I’ve had!

The staff is WONDERFUL

The staff is WONDERFUL and very nice! It’s always easier going to a doctor when they actually talk to you and remember who you are when you come!

My first experience here was one that will have me coming back again and again. The receptionist is an angel and went above and beyond to answer all of my questions before I even scheduled anything. Dr. Bullard is very laid-back and will take the time to actually explain what he is doing and answer any questions you may have. Not to mention the location is convenient and the inside of the clinic is so clean and welcoming. This place will eliminate all your “scary” dentist experiences. I highly recommend!

Its been a while since I’ve been to a dentist and the Dr. made me feel comfortable and at ease. Being someone who doesn’t have the greatest teeth and was resistant going anywhere, I will be going back for future cleanings and other dental work. He didn’t make me feel ashamed for the state of my teeth, he just offered ideas and solutions to get my dental health where I want it to be. He wasn’t pushy about any procedure and made sure I was as comfortable as I could be getting a cleaning. 10/10 will go back and will also recommend him to others.

Can’t rave enough about how incredible my experience was with Dr. Bullard and staff! He was very compassionate and explained the best course of action for my dental needs. I’ve seen several other dentist and never received such a thorough exam and explanation of options available for my dental needs. He definitely helped ease my dental anxiety 🙂

Dr. Bullard has been my dentist for over 15 years. He is a very talented and competent dentist. Dr. Bullard is compassionate and very gentle. He is constantly making sure that I am comfortable while he is performing the procedure. Dr. Bullard and his team make sure that I am welcomed the minute that I arrive for my appointment. His new office is beautiful and inviting. I am so fortunate that Dr. Bullard is my dentist.

They are super friendly and you feel welcomed! The dentist is super nice and he makes sure things are perfect for you. I love how they have drinks and gum for everyone. Now that is what you call a great dental office! I was recommended by my brother and I tell you the best dental experience I have ever had! He is working on my husband too and he love this dental office! I highly recommend this dental office.

Excellent patient care and very knowledgeable in both the treatment and recommendations for my dental health. If you are looking for a dentist in the Greenville area I recommend Dr. Bullard and his staff. Very friendly environment!

Dr.Bullard was super patient and Jackie’s the sweetest! I had a really good experience with both, despite how long it had been since I had been to the dentist.

Teeth Whitening can be a safe and effective cosmetic treatment, and we offer a custom, take-home option.  Of course, in all basic dentistry aesthetics are a major part of our focus.  From simple bonding to closing the gap between teeth to more complex composite or porcelain veneers, we have advanced training.
Dr. Bullard would be happy to discuss your options.  He can also perform a mock-up to see how the outcome would look, prior to deciding on any treatment.

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Outside of brushing and flossing, wear from clenching and grinding is a major determinant of unhealthy and unstable teeth. Clenching and grinding are also a large cause of broken teeth and broken dental work, and can also cause headaches and muscle tightness. A bite guard is one way the force we put on our teeth can be mitigated. For those who show signs of damage, appliance therapy can be a critical factor in determining who keeps their teeth and who does not.

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