Teeth Restoration Services We Provide

Initial Comprehensive Exam-

The foundation of our practice is the initial, new patient comprehensive exam. This is a co-discovery examination and learning process where we learn about your oral health together. This involves discussing previous experiences, full mouth and panoramic radiographs, photography, bite evaluation and recording, charting of existing teeth restoration work, gum recordings around each tooth, tooth by tooth evaluation for mobility, decay, fractures, wear, etc., intraoral pictures, upper and lower impressions, jaw joint and jaw muscle exam, and a general cleaning if appropriate. There will be a second appointment to meet and discuss all findings, answer any questions, and together come up with a plan to reach and or maintain stable oral health, including comfort, function, and esthetics.

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We use only the finest materials and proven methods to do everything that can be done to be successful with teeth restoration work in an environment of caring, compassion and service.