Ed Betterley

When was the last time you looked forward to going to the dentist? I NEVER did, from my times with fluoride treatments as a pre-teen to many episodes at Fort Eustis where I was assigned for about a year before being ordered overseas in 1966. My Dad was in sales, and he taught me to find a need and fill it, but at Ft. Eustis (dental training location?) the slogan seemed to be find any tooth, drill and fill it! Now, after many years of dental experiences, I now actually look forward to seeing Dr. Bullard. Here’s why:
I have personally known Dr. Andy for over 20 years, during which time he has attended to both mine and my wife’s dental needs many times. On one occasion approximately 12 years ago, he was called away from a personal event on an emergency basis to attend a mishap with my grand-daughter’s front teeth. He arrived promptly and performed very calmly and professionally in what was a stressful situation for all of us.
Dr. Andy is unique, gentle mannered and keenly aware of the stress felt by most people when they have a dental encounter. He explains everything he is prepared to do, offers viable alternatives and then takes every precaution to assure minimum discomfort to the patient. When not attending to patients, he retires to his modest, windowless office and studies materials relevant to the course of treatment.
On those occasions when I have had questions about a procedure or other dental issues, he immediately provides me his full attention. On those rare occasions when he does not have a perfect answer to a question, he says so and initiates further study so that I am left with confidence that he has my best interests at heart.
He has recently opened a new practice in downtown Greenville, SC in a newly redeveloped section of town to be as close as possible to his client base. His facilities are neat, clean, well-organized and his staff is well qualified, personable and effective in attending to assigned responsibilities. Even the views from his waiting room are welcoming. Parking is to the rear of his building which is readily accessible via a locked entrance. A call to the office will quickly bring one of his staff to facilitate stairless entry!
I have several DMD’s in my family. From the above it may be apparent that I hold Dr. Andy in the highest professional and personal regard. My DMD family members have not earned this designation (only partly due to their location – and the fact I’ve almost never visited them in a professional capacity).
Why would I not look forward to a visit with Dr. Andy?